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Send us a message, we are happy to help

Contact us via Whatsapp. It is as easy as clicking a button.

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Proactive Pet Health + Wellness

Partnering with you for the life of your pet means proactively caring for every aspect of their overall well-being. That includes dental care, behavior, parasite control, nutrition, vaccinations and twice-yearly exams.

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Twice-a-Year Exams

Twice-yearly exams are the true centerpiece of proactive pet health care. It’s during these exams that your pet’s overall health is assessed and important baselines are established so changes can be tracked over time.

Dental Care

A toothbrush can make a difference. Dental disease in dogs and cats can increase the risk of major health issues like heart disease and kidney failure. Visit our dental care page to brush up on your brushing skills, and be sure to have your pet’s teeth cleaned every year.

Hair Dressing

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Just one mosquito, flea or tick bite and your pet’s health could be in serious trouble. Protection against parasites is key in preventing dangerous diseases. Thankfully, we’ve got the tools you need to keep these risks at bay.


Check out our Nutrition Center to get information about diets, advice from veterinarians and customized report on what, when and how much to feed your pet.


Just like humans, pets need vaccinations against dangerous viral and bacterial diseases like rabies and parvovirus. All of our Optimum Wellness Plans® include routinely recommended vaccinations, making it easier to help keep your pet healthy year-round.

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